Saturday, June 11, 2011

Healing Circles- A Novel Treatment and Diagnosis Method

Imagine you as a patient have searched for years, maybe even decades, for the answer to why you always feel unwell. You have gone from doctor to doctor, and have tried everything from medications to energy healing. Some things help temporarily. At best most things don't do anything and often new treatments make it worse. You have a few doctors or practitioners that you like and you go to see them somewhat regularly, but they certainly have no interest in coordinating your care. You simply see one for the pain, another for information, and another for a medication, and so on.

Dr. Len Saputo has developed a novel way of diagnosis called the Healing Circle. It brings together a team of 3-8 physicians and practitioners from different fields to sit down with a patient in a 2 hour session. The patient shares his/her history (medical, social, spiritual, emotional, etc) with the group and the group subsequently works together to find a treatment plan that is honest about what each field of medicine can and cannot do, is complementary to all healing practices involved, and supports the whole person.

The Healing Circle was developed and born out of more than 15 years of collaboration with the Health Medicine Forum and his subsequent integrative health practices in San Franscisco, CA.

Watch this video of a circle:

To learn more about Healing Circles, visit or you can read Dr. Saputo's many books, including A Return to Healing: Radical Health Care Reform and the Future of Medicine